Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Buckyballs electric motor.


My Buckyballs electric motor.
Use Promo Code "Motor" and Save 10% at Today. The tutorial for this motor is now on my channel. Thanks to all the viewers for checking out my new idear with Buckyballs, i have many other intresting videos of electronic Buckyball inventions on my channel, theres a tourch, a cannon, a laser disco, a desktop fan, and even a spintop starter motor. plus many more motors to see. Im still coming up with new idears and many improvements of what I'v done so far, so please sub and check back soon. Thanks again.

For my new Buckyballs Tourch, click below.

I have created three new Buckyballs Motors, heres the links.
For the bigger C cell design.

For the advanced floating battery design.

For the small motor using only 200 buckyballs.

A simple electronic motor, made with Bucky Balls (magnetic spheres) and an insulated copper wire and a duracell battery.
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