Friday, September 7, 2012

68 Domino Techniques / Inventions - (MUST SEE!!!)

68 Domino Techniques / Inventions - (MUST SEE!!!)

This is an awesome domino screen link consisting of 68 different techniques, inventions, and cool tricks! It took about a week to build.

Thank you so much dominobauer1995 for sending me the domino field planner for the gigantic thumbs up field!
Here is a link to his awesome channel! Also, a lot of these tricks didn't work on the first try.
50% of the clips caused 5 retries
30% of the clips caused 8 retries
10% of the clips caused 10 retries
one clip caused me 14 retries,
and one even caused me 21 retries! (Try to guess which one!!!)

Please like, comment, and subscribe!!! That are the Techniques he was talking about

like in the title:

68 Domino Techniques / Inventions


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