Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shahid and Salman Khan in Makkah

Shahid and Salman Khan in Makkah why all of u people say bad words about islam and ALLAH who is the creator of all of us if u can't listen bad things about ur religon than don't say bad words to islam religon?????? PLZ!!!!!! WHO AGREE THIS!!!! the uploader hasnt put up a fake vidoe it is SHAHID AFRIDI its just some certain illiterate people who think the only shahid n salman are the bollywood actors oohh mind the way u talk don talk rubbish about our religion u don t want me 2 get started about use cus if i do i would unstoppable dick head talking about our religion itleast it has more true flowers then use and it the quickest religion 2 grow go on google and search u no nothing about god dickhead
Your god created you not us,the non muslims,your god exists for you,and ours for us;bear that in mind,you know why people hate islam--cos it has no concept of coexistence with people of other religion,we never say that we want the entire human race to follow our god and our religion,but your leaders say so.if you can mind your own business,nobody will hate you.
dushmanu indian kabi kashmiri ho nahin sakta..tum logu ka PM bi kashmir me ghar nahin khareed sakta..Kashmir belongs to Pakistan and Pakistan belongs to kashmir.. We kashmiri love pakistan and they love us..Dont you dare to call yourself kashmiri..one day u would take your 8 lakh dead bodies back to your country that u have kept now in kashmir..
acc. to quran allah is not male or female, that means allah is source of energy, which created universe, muslims worship a source of energy, muslims worship a non-living thing, but the uploader seem to have uploaded this with the intention of misleading people. he should have written shahid afridi and salman afridi NOT SHAHID AND SALMAN... YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN DONT YOU
its Shahid Khan Afridi and Salman Khan Afridi... ! so its not fake its the perception which is wrong !


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