Friday, July 19, 2013

Baby Shepherd learns to swim

Baby Shepherd learns to swim 9 to 11 month old baby Shepherd learning to swim. He can't walk or talk yet, but he's doing well in the water.That is kind of the point. If they didn't stop breathing, they would inhale water and that would be a very bad thing. YOU may not dip your baby in the water. I do. I trust they like their lives enough to stop breathing while under the water and to continue again when they surface. My kids have been underwater tens of thousands of times between the 3 of them. They've never even had a scare. First I must say this is amazing!! My son just turn 8 months old and I want him to learn this. Did u teach Shepherd yourself or paid for lessons? Lessons are expensive and would love to try to teach my son myself. None of my boys have ever had a "lesson". I just get them in the water all the time and we have fun together. They kind of figure it out on their own. I support them in the water when they need it and I try to guide them as much as I can. I put them in a position to learn and they do the learning. This video shows what I did with Shepherd and you can look at my channel page to see other things I did with my first born. Hopefully I'll have a new video featuring my third by summer's end. Because my boys love the water. We have a lot of fun together. Because by the time they are 4 they are terrified of the water and dependent on floatation devices. I don't want fame, but if you read through the comments you'll see a lot of people who say they are inspired. That is why I post. My babies suffering?! At what point in any of my videos are my kids suffering? I see a lot of smiling and laughing. You don't have to teach your kids to swim, but keep your ignorant judgments to yourself.


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