Saturday, July 20, 2013

JURASSIC PARK III - Building Spinosaurus - Behind-the-Scenes Part 1

JURASSIC PARK III - Building Spinosaurus - Behind-the-Scenes Part 1 VIDEO DESCRIPTION The Spinosaur was not only the biggest and heaviest animatronic ever built by the Stan Winston Studios, it was the fastest. "The Spino had to be faster, splashier and better than the T-Rex," stated engineer Tim Nordella. "The producers wanted something that was going to actually kill the T-Rex, in fact; so it had to be a more formidable character than the T-Rex was." Don't miss this exclusive 2-part excerpt from the Stan Winston Studios - Behind the Scenes Documentary, and watch the creation of the Spinosaur from design and build to on-set dominance. youtube videos,dailymotion videos,new videos,new videos 2014,2014,new videos 2013,pakistani videos,usa videos,canda videos,how to build things,how to make tea,how to make a computer,how to make a mobile,how to make leptop,how to repair,how to repair things,how to repair computer,how to repiar mobile,iphone7,iphone,iphone5,firon ki lash,allah ka azab,allah ka karashma,allah ki kudrat,makah videos,madina videos,saudi arab,sain ashiq ali shah jelani,sain ashiq ali shah jelani qadri videos,


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