Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dylan's final ISR (Infant Swim Resource) test

Thanks for all the kind comments! We chose to give our daughter ISR lessons because we have a pool in our backyard and while we take every precaution (supervision, gates, locks...) an accident can still happen. This was the last day of the lessons and the only day she was wearing clothing. As several of the viewers have stated, the clothing simulates an accidental fall into the pool when a child could very well be fully clothed. Dylan is now a very strong swimmer and loves the water. Okay this has got to be the cutest thing EVER! I love how she looks and smiles at ''Mommy and daddy'' everytime she makes it to the stairs. And the ''Hi mommy and daddy'' SO CUTE! and ''Uttohhh''.. Wow i HOPE i get a girl when i have kids! So cute! because that way the child knows how to swim with clothes on its more resistance, without clothing it is easier you are right, it just better prepares the child.... what if a child were to fall on with clothing but then didnt learn how to swim with clothing ?? training would have been for nothing And shoes, too!? I am all for teaching babies to swim like this. But why is this baby wearing clothing which drags down even an adult? Well done, Dylan, this will serve you so well! This actually made me tear up a little bit, because so few children are taught this sort of empowerment, and I applaud you for having the sort of foresight it takes to teach your child resilience. It's profoundly moving to watch - thank you for sharing. PS that is one cute kid :) Dylan's final ISR (Infant Swim Resource) test


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