Friday, July 19, 2013

Wipeout - Kids Edition

Wipeout - Kids Edition Wipeout has become the new favourite pastime of my children since my audition for Wipeout Canada. We created a course and a full show for you to enjoy! See http// for more videos and photos. I used a cardboard core from a carpet roll (or banner vinyl comes on rolls like that as well). You need a heavy box and a metal rod to go through the core. Would you guys like a video to show you how I built some of the obstacles in Season 2? Congratulations! You have showed your are a creative and funny father. You make your kids to move and enjoy you and them. Lots of parent must learn about that. This video is nice and so lovely... AWESOME VIDEO BUT HOW DID U BUILD DA SWEEPER REALLY NEED TO KNOW. YOUR KIDS ARE AWESOME ;] Anyone else notice that the slow mo replay was different for the girl on the red balls?


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