Saturday, July 20, 2013

Making Follicles - hair from the laboratory | Tomorrow Today

Making Follicles - hair from the laboratory | Tomorrow Today Scientists in Berlin have used human adult stem cells to develop hair follicles, from which hair then grows naturally. The treatment provides new hope for people suffering from hair loss.Only a few hair follicles would need to be taken from the"patient"and used to generate as much new hair as is needed, which can then be grafted. This breakthrough has also brought the scientists a big step closer to their original research goal, which was to use lab-generated hair follicles on a chip as a substitute for animal experiments in testing creams and cosmetics. Many substances in the creams we use actually enter the body through our hair follicles rather than our skin. youtube videos,dailymotion videos,new videos,new videos 2014,2014,new videos 2013,pakistani videos,usa videos,canda videos,how to build things,how to make tea,how to make a computer,how to make a mobile,how to make leptop,how to repair,how to repair things,how to repair computer,how to repiar mobile,iphone7,iphone,iphone5,


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