Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hair cloning candidate opts for the uGraft solution for severe baldness

Hair cloning candidate opts for the uGraft solution for severe baldness Hair cloning is a much awaited procedure with the potential for using a few hair stem cells to produce thousands of hair follicles. Currently mild to moderate hair loss can adequately be improved by the use of medications and conventional hair transplants. However, there remains a group that has been traditionally told "your case is hopeless, your baldness is too severe for hair transplant to be a credible solution" These severely bald patients are the group that has held out for the long awaited hair cloning. Thus far, hair cloning is far away from primetime. The patient in this video is one such patient. Not wanting the fakeness of a toupee, he was neither happy about wasting his youth away waiting for a procedure that might never come to fruition in his lifetime - hair cloning. He decided to see Dr Umar, who uses his signature uGraft technique to harvest hair from the head, beard and body areas, thus expanding the donor pool tremendously. By so doing, he is credibly restoring severely bald patients who have been considered hopeless hitherto because of the limitations of typical transplant procedures. Using his body hair transplant - BHT by uGraft, Dr Umar was able to transform the patient's appearance and life in just 2 sessions using 12,000 uGrafts. His result is shown at only 6 months. He has more growth coming and Dr Umar is confident he can add more hair for an even more aggressive restoration if the patient wishes it. This patient's severe baldness was initially classified as Norwood 7. Up until now, options for individuals such as this have been very limited. Examples include, shaving the entire head or wearing a hairpiece. This patient didn't want to settle for either. Fortunately, uGraft offered him the possibility of actually having real hair growth for the coverage that he wanted. A hair transplant for severe baldness can only be achieved by acquiring a large quantity of donor follicles. These resources are very limited on the head. In fact, it can only contribute a maximum of about 7,000 or 8,000 grafts. However, much greater numbers are needed for those with very advanced forms of baldness. Therefore, the body can be considered as another alternative as this patient demonstrates. UGraft is a highly specialized surgical methodology of tools and protocols for successfully extracting body follicles. It takes into account the special growth characteristics of these structures and allows healing to occur without no scar of the linear type that typically follows traditional transplants. For this patient, 12,000 grafts of head and beard hair made up the donor pool for his results. 8,000 grafts were used for the first procedure. And 4,000 grafts were added for greater density in his second surgery which took place a year later. The final images in this video include his outcome six months afterwards. In this video, the patient discusses his overall experience. He says that his new hairline closely resembles the one he used to have. Also he talks about how others had trouble recognizing him with his new hair. Aside from just harvesting the right number of grafts, the placement of these follicles also contributes to the quality of the results. For a natural looking appearance in the end, it is important that they are inserted in ways that follow the natural growth patterns of hair. Dr Umar is considered by many to be the best hair transplant doctor in the world.


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