Monday, August 13, 2012

How to make a Light Bulb Oil Lamp

How to make a Light Bulb Oil Lamp
.Follow the instructions in the video to make a light bulb oil lamp. It's is fairly simple and is alot of fun to make. There are many different ways to go about making it, but this is the way that i've found works best. Scented oils, a different base, and different wick material are all things you can adjust to your prefernce. If you use shoe string as the wick, get some that are pure cloth. Those with any synthentic materials will melt fairly quickly. Nice tutorial man :) I have a different thing to do with a bulb, you can open it and put some stuff like sand, stones, twigs or even a dry butterfly inside, then under the metal cap put a diode, then close it up again and make like a little stand from a coat hanger wire. It makes a nice decoration and at night the stuff inside gets illuminated by that diode


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