Sunday, August 5, 2012

World biggest qila in pakistan.flv


World biggest qila in pakistan.flv

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Do pigs need forts to live..they already have a shit hole called Porkshitstaan...which is regularly bombed by the drones from its master USA

hmmmm.... worlds biggest fort is in pakistan and worlds biggest pork is pakistan as well ..interesting ..keep it up pakis ..and thumba down please if you like it.

son of a bitch, who built taj mehal ??? lord krishna ??? lol who built lal qilla ??? lord ram ?? haha wo banchod ki bv itny saal tak rawan ka bistar garam krti rhi, usy to wo bacha nhe saka..qilla kya mango banayga ?? haha

Simply amazing! I am a full time supporter for the excavations and discoveries of the sort! The nation does not have any lesser heritage to be proud of!

I went there when I went too Pakistan 5 months ago it is broken nw but still a very beautiful place they hve also built a museum their too with beautiful amazing stuff :)


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