Friday, July 13, 2012

ALLAH KA AZAAB machli larki ke shakal main

ALLAH KA AZAAB machli larki ke shakal main
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LOoooooooooooL its fake
Fahad Mehar 3 days ago
This uploader is a typical moron who connect anything and everything with 'Allah ka Azab' - dude ... even if this mermaid ever existed, its a miracle not curse you idiot. Such wankers
msahmedno1 3 days ago
ALLAH loves human more than our mothers...
To err is human to forgive divine
FoxCricketX 4 days ago
Allah cant be so cruel.
Only The god of Wahabbi's is cruel.
runtodahills 4 days ago
ye me nahi manta
Saad Iqbal 1 week ago
ye Allah ka Azab nai hai ye Jal Pari hai jo sumander main hoti hai
kingjaan143 1 week ago
Today they are questioning this video, tomorrow they will question the miralces of pir and fakirs, then they will question the existence of Jinns, Black Magic and 'Nazar-e-Bad', and finally they will question Allah Almighty.
These people think miracles dont happen and Allah doesnt send Azaab. They have forgotten the Earthquake, Tsunami and floods.
runtodahills 1 week ago 2
tum kon ho?
khalidjavedbhatti in reply to happy10667 (Show the comment) 1 week ago
May AllAh shits in ur mouth for idiots like you deserve the most fucked up kinds of shits. If i came over next week and left you a note, well it means AllAH doesnt give a shit to you and you should seek love else where. Takbir: my puss my puss my puss. Zindaa baad pakistan.


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