Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nao Robot


Nao Robot
The robot lied.
asimowalk5 1 month ago 64
1:30 little billy cries in the corner while the mean robot throws his toys away. 
Subparanon 1 month ago 14
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airwalksurfer 19 hours ago
they cost 15,999$

ken55334 22 hours ago
just wait until they enslave us all!
animemagicartguy 1 day ago
Robot penis!
MrUbisoft3 1 day ago
isnt it wierd that it's so hard to make a robot walk like a normal human being? :p
s5a5n5d5e5r5 1 day ago
I never understood why robots have to walk on two legs. Wouldn't it be more efficient to just roll on some wheels, like a tripod or something? It would be sturdier and be able to move faster too. For a toy though this robot seems very cute and fun to play with. I want one ^_^


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