Monday, July 16, 2012

The Most Shocking Video of the Tsunami in Japan - El video más impactante del tsunami en Japón!

The Most Shocking Video of the Tsunami in Japan - El video más impactante del tsunami en Japón! La vidéo la plus choquante du tsunami au Japon
Tsunami no Japão video Impressionante
Die schockierende Video des Tsunami in Japan
الفيديو الاكثر اثارة للصدمة من تسونامي في اليابان
tsunami Jaapan
Japonian tsunami
tsunami v Japonsku
Tsunamin Japanissa
Το πιο συγκλονιστικό βίντεο από το τσουνάμι στην Ιαπωνία
וידאו מזעזע ביותר של הצונאמי ביפן
जापान में सूनामी के सबसे चौंकाने वाला वीडियो
Il video più scioccanti dello tsunami in Giappone
Самым шокирующим видео цунами в Японии

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tsunami v Japonsku
tsunami Jaapan
Japonian tsunami
Tsunamin Japanissa
tsunami au Japon
tsunami en japon
japan tsunami


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That siren is scary as shit :'( feel so sorry for Japan.

bloodypandahachiroku 21 hours ago 9

The whale god is angry

MoriUmbra 1 day ago 4

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Tahir Tahirkl
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Obama's fault.

NeroJoe83 1 hour ago

I don't know if it's because of Asia but people cracking jokes here are sick.

FashionistoIRE 1 hour ago

3:23 looks like a different world from what the start was. I hope people evacuated before hand. Bless them.

FashionistoIRE 1 hour ago

power of the nature and death

never ask before , please excuse me

omarrodrigues1 1 hour ago

this is batshit crazy!!!!!!

tubemaxme 1 hour ago

Shark fin consumption is Chinese bro

PoppinHam in reply to Ayger74 (Show the comment) 4 hours ago

foi triste demais,mas é previsto o japão é uma pequena ilha cortando o caminho do oceano

jonan391 5 hours ago

the dolphin and whale strikes back

clubedhead 6 hours ago

speechless... when you see a a whole village float away you fcking hope the flat your standing on wont fall down


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