Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mr Bean - Blind Date.avi


Mr Bean - Blind Date.avi
Mr. Bean is a British comedy television series of 14 half-hour episodes written by and starring Rowan Atkinson as the title character. Different episodes were also written by Robin Driscoll, Richard Curtis and one by Ben Elton. The pilot episode was broadcast on ITV on 1 September 1989, with the last television episode, "Goodnight Mr. Bean" broadcast on 31 October 1995. The final episode, "Hair by Mr. Bean of London", was a video exclusive released on 15 November 1995, but not broadcast in the UK until 2006. THE MOST TALENTED COMEDIAN
OBED SAM 1 week ago 101
holy shit "number 2" is that guy from spy kids that transforms people into Plasticine models. This was a Mr Bean special segment filmed for Comic Relief night on BBC2. I believe it may have been for Comic Relief 1991. It was split into 2. The first half showed the selection, and later in the evening they showed the disasterous date.
joelsttn in reply to Moffo861 (Show the comment) 9 hours ago
5 likes and i will do mr beans dance
superluigiscott 13 hours ago
the grammar nazi dosent check the grammar , he is checking the spelling too ! so he is just grammar nazzi that no1 likes !
radwmafy in reply to JamiedrummerEdwards (Show the comment) 18 hours ago
when did this clip originally air? cant believe i havent seen this before!!
Moffo861 18 hours ago
Alan Cumming!
EkseteraEksetera 22 hours ago
mr bean is such a loser!!!!!
evelyn pineda 22 hours ago
He must of been fking pissed that she didn't pick him.
BreakBeatBlaze in reply to jaguarfanster (Show the comment) 1 day ago
"number 2" is Loki from Mask 2


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