Saturday, July 14, 2012

new version amazing robot asimo


new version amazing robot asimo
globo solar asimo amazing new version robot robotic rc radiocontrol isaac asimov future sciense humanoid humanoide 5:10 found some grey poupon, turn here! 5:27 turn right for oil! 6:35 completed figure eight, anybody else going grocery shopping? I have this one down! :-)
Asimo is so cute, just a bit short. Why is that?
screamincheetaaah 1 day ago
Isaw one live at Disneyland haha
Giovanni Gonzalez 2 days ago
You want to get girls? It's simple, just do like him, don't open your mouth.
capit25 3 days ago
Exercising? Teach him Oiling !!!!
IsolatedCupid 3 days ago
Why is he working!!
SawyerHorris 4 days ago
Sarah Conner?
mikek3919 4 days ago
NEW 2006
blazeandcody8077 5 days ago
7:35 That's rude...she leaves before he gets a chance to bow back!
MoneyMoss4ever 1 week ago
its pretty sad when a machine gets more girls than i do lol


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