Monday, July 16, 2012

Ice breaker Traxxas stampede studded tires and ice skates

Ice breaker Traxxas stampede studded tires and ice skates Testing new tires and skates for ice on Canadian frozen river at -20°C, the ice was 36'' thick and the wind was freaking cold, i frozed my hands on this one !

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Rc Traxxas Stampede Vxl spikes


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Don't cry about it being an rc car, you're supposed to read the title, Traxxas = Rc car manufacturer, Stampede = Rc car manufactured by Traxxas.

manoffire11 1 day ago

Made in USA !

madmax160764 in reply to manoffire11 1 day ago 2

Nice one. =) I tip would be to put small weights in the back of the front skates though. Noticed that they dip forward when they lift from the ground, and if you see to it that they dip backwards instead, you minimize the risk of them sticking to the ground in the landing, as it did in 3:25. =)

Just look at snowmobiles. The skiis always dip backwards.

TorkelFlum 1 week ago

Small springs like rc skis plane do a great job to old the skis up ! But had in mine longer for more stearing controle at hight speed, and less weight possible, plastic broke easily when it cold, broke a lots of front end whit this setup.Now running whit 4 spikes tires, dangerous to step on it bear feet, and do a good job on kitchen floor ! LOL

Whatch my channel for more video on skis and spikes tires. have fun !


madmax160764 in reply to TorkelFlum 1 week ago

What motor/bats you use? I have a Vorza and even with 19tooth pinion it is no where near that torquey on 4c batteries

TDotts24 2 weeks ago

Stock Vxl 3500kv whit 9.6v 4500 nimh tenergy. was running 30 mph max.

madmax160764 in reply to TDotts24 2 weeks ago

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living the american dream right there i guess

MrCBenny2 4 weeks ago 9

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Tahir Tahirkl
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lol you got a snow cone made in about 7 seconds

wjm911 5 hours ago

damn i didnt realize it was an rc, to bad its not real

MegaDucati99 5 hours ago

1:20 lol i thought this was a bigsized car! I THOUGHT WOW! THAT THING IS CRAZY!

anneforscrew 1 day ago

dammit i soooo wanted it to be real too.

iTwis7ed 2 days ago

this car looks like SUBZERO off of mortal kombat

jshar6000 2 days ago

was i the only one who thought this was a real car unteal the actuall vidoe started lol?

trevermcbee 3 days ago

My buddy was so disappointed it was an RC

H2sFoRsAkEn 5 days ago

Its just cant get any worst. I work on worst aircraft the Canadians made now they gotta make this?


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