Monday, July 16, 2012

TEAHUPOO Mega Swell Unbelievably Massive Waves

TEAHUPOO Mega Swell Unbelievably Massive Waves Did guy at 3:27 say "Holy Ragdoll"? lol

6CodeBlackDude9 4 days ago 14

That's a whole lot of NOPE right there

k3w1b3an5 2 days ago 4

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Tahir Tahirkl
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Its overrated nit like the olddays. Many people try to catch waves without 5 people on the same wave

OVXmedia 3 hours ago

ΕΧCUSE ME.......Aren t they afraid?????

MsDamianou 4 hours ago

How cool to jetski on the top of the wave?

Like if agree

Vistung100 5 hours ago

Yoooo! Fuck that shit! Insane! Wish I could do that!

cryptozoo765 6 hours ago


jaileesurf 6 hours ago

0:52 "Bambi bambi bambi" lol wtf?

morningwood9113452 7 hours ago

You guys are flipping MENTAL!!

ImILegendxXxXx 9 hours ago

I'm scared ....I don't loved the sea

fagoorra 11 hours ago

Deu ate medo =z


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