Monday, July 16, 2012

Mr Bean - Hair By Mr Bean Of London (Chapter 14)

Mr Bean - Hair By Mr Bean Of London (Chapter 14) Act 1: Bean goes to Derrick's barber shop for a haircut. Just as he is about to have the cut, the barber has to take a long telephone call. While he waits, three other customers come in assuming Mr. Bean is the new hairdresser, and he ends up cutting their hair very awfully (giving a mother's child an ape-like haircut (which the child is thrilled with), cutting off a man's pony tail, and replacing an older man's elderly hair with hair cut from long ago). They later return and blame Derrick for their strange haircuts, while Mr. Bean sneaks off hiding his face under a calendar of Prince Charles (with the customer whose hair was replaced with the cut hair greeting him as such because he had his glasses off).

Act 2: Bean goes to a fair and cheats at the indoor games. First, he plays the Electro wire by switching it off at the plug. Then he plays "Hit the Headmaster" (in which the late George Webb is the "headmaster") and gets a bit carried away, and starts throwing objects like canned peas and cereal boxes at the "headmaster" (he almost throws a chair, but is stopped thanks to a nearby teacher). Later, Bean enters a dog show and uses his Teddy as his pet; he wins a huge bone but gets a jar of honey for Teddy, throwing the bone back into the tent and creating mayhem among the kids and the dogs.

Act 3: Bean goes to a railway station. Unfortunately, he has lost his ticket, and decides to sneak past the guards. After numerous failed attempts to sneak past the guards, he hides inside a mailbag and crawls towards the gate. While the guards are gone, Bean climbs up the gate, but two train officers walk by and turn the gate over. Bean crawls out of the gate and celebrates, thinking that he made it through, but ends up falling onto the train tracks. While Bean recovers, a train worker appears and puts two boxes and the mailbag (with Bean still inside) into a train destined for Moscow.


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