Saturday, July 14, 2012

Crazy firecrackers from China - Azn Lifestyles TV


Crazy firecrackers from China - Azn Lifestyles TV
Kevin Mike and Dennis hanging out in China. From Qingdao to Hunan, we found the best firecrackers China has to offer.
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0_0 I like that shit 0_0
kasp315b 3 days ago 8
20 dollars ... In Egypt they duckin robbing us
TroubleMakerH 1 day ago 3
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dude that was sick

Nicholas Collins 2 hours ago
i know what you meang MangoHombre it sucks!!!!
DrDoomhub 4 hours ago
Where I live in the US you can barely buy sparklers...then you're not allowed to light them!
MangoHombre 4 hours ago
im going there
IICrown 4 hours ago
In the US, we get arrested for those. I'm so jealous... and bummed. :-(
Sneighke 4 hours ago
great price :O
schymira 5 hours ago
there lives seem AWESOMELY fun....psshht!
gk114faiz 5 hours ago
bem loko os foguetes
tagnomaniacs 5 hours ago
$20 for 88 shots, that is an extremely low price.Wisconsin charges $200+ for a cake like that.
RollUOne 7 hours ago
sometimes I wish America would let everyone have these haha, but then a redneck blew his finger off


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