Friday, July 13, 2012

History of Dajjal Arrival (Urdu)Truth Behind Bermuda Triangle Mystery.flv

History of Dajjal Arrival (Urdu)Truth Behind Bermuda Triangle Mystery.flv
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I am a muslim and i believe Allah. But I hate the people who try to prove him out of nothing.If you already believe something , why should u give effort to proof it? I ask the video maker to research about Bermuda triangle. Stop posting these kind of thing which humiliate my religion.
khorshed1227 3 days ago 8
Music In This Video Be Aware Guys
zafeermeraj 6 days ago 8
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it is his effort and re search. why we pakistani keep criticise every one ? we dont do anyting gud for Islam and Muslim nation. but we are number 1 in Criticising ANYONE 1.
blista compact 10 hours ago
America................In God you TRUSTED
pinball281 11 hours ago
Dude FLORIDA do means a place where god(actually fake god) will arise. Demon to bring dark side on
Muhammad Hassan Khan in reply to S2000XC (Show the comment) 1 day ago
fact less points , how do u say mari akal ?? it is one of Allah's secret will exposed of people with the will of him.
jupiter9279 3 days ago
you are right
FIAZG in reply to S2000XC (Show the comment) 4 days ago
florida means feast of the flowers, not what this guy said.. whats he on about
S2000XC 4 days ago
rosealonee.....only muhammed s.a.w the teacher inthis world......N i m able to prove that without him no one is teacher
Shah Jee 4 days ago 4


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