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Bad Drivers and Incidentals Caught on Tape June 2011


Bad Drivers and Incidentals Caught on Tape June 2011
Bad drivers and other incidentals caught on my dash cam while at work in late May through June. All these are in various parts of the San Francisco Bay area. The music just the local oldies station. In the fast lane of music there are good songs and a few crappy ones.
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Artist: Johnny Cash
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shoopwhoopX 3 days ago 10
Ever consider getting a cattle catcher in front of your truck or a big plow to just ram the fuckers out of the way?
just kidding, but almost not really.
ianmrf 1 day ago 5
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siannam321 31 minutes ago
If you want to see an extreme crazy driver see:­w
resseikevolution 34 minutes ago
A trucker should be allowed to take out one dumb-ass for every 500 miles they drive. Ok, make it 100 miles.
Lived in Baton Rouge a couple of years and they had some kind of bug about once a year. When they're "mating" they hook together and there are thousands. Had to stop every 10 miles or so to scrape them off your windshield. Don't know their official name but they called them "Luv Bugs", for obvious reasons.
387oldfart 1 hour ago
I dont see how you stopped for some of these cars they like don't care your 100 times bigger then them
wotldthe2006 1 hour ago
Your a truck driver for a living that's cool I guess.. I do feel sorry for you for having to deal with dum****s on the road though, you remained calm... Me I would would honk my horn at them
1Thetroll 4 hours ago
this must have been video taped all in Mas! They suck at driving!
ChrisKari39 5 hours ago
I feel better knowing that stupid drivers aren't limited to rush hour in OKC.
santa3fe 5 hours ago
I love how u act so calm when the drivers act like dumbasses, like if it were me i would like rage and ram their asses
Loltrollist 6 hours ago
Speaking of bees....I lived in the Santa Rosa area ( until moving to "scenic" Sparks, NV in 2010...) for close to 50 years. I've NEVER had THIS happen until TWICE in the same both Santa Rosa....and again on the 505 heading toward Cache Creek. Window rolled down only 2-3 inches....when a bee came in and impacted just below my left eye. Both times, I happened to be wearing my sunglasses......and so was lucky I didn't get hit in the eye. Also both hands on the wheel, & no traffic .


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