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TSAR Hydrogen Bomb Detonated by USSR (with sound)


TSAR Hydrogen Bomb Detonated by USSR (with sound)
The first hydrogen nuke? U.S., 1952, "Mike" 15 MT. See it at
Blast noise IS created at the time of the blast. Where is the microphone placed and why? DUH! Speed of light vs. speed of sound?
July 4: It matters not what some NSS peeps rant, this is BY FAR the best nuke video on YouTube. My pal Hobart doesn't lie. Prove me wrong if you can (you can't!). JJ

** Hey people--what's up? Why the incessant complaints? Read this description and you'll find answers to your questions, gripes, and beefs.
WHOA THIS THING SEEMS TO BE GOING VIRAL, a few thousand more views every day. NOT SURE WHY! But if you are interested in more stuff I do check out where I have links to many more "revolutionary" items! :) Jim
This is meant to be an enjoyable video (to the extent a nuke can be "enjoyable"...). No need to get an ulcer over it! :) Jim 1/9/12

AN602 hydrogen bomb ("Big Ivan") dropped with a descent-slowing parachute by a Soviet TU-95 propeller-driven bomber and detonated in the atmosphere at an altitude of 10,000 feet on October 30, 1961 at the USSR's Sukhoy Nos facility of Novaya Zemlya in the Barents Sea. It was the most powerful nuclear weapon ever exploded. Designed to produce a blast of 100 megatons, the test was reduced to 57 megatons by replacing the second-stage explosive with a lead plug since even the scientists were worried about the unpredictable effects of the full 100 megaton yield. At this explosive power this bomb was 4,000 times as powerful as that which destroyed Hiroshima. The explosion was heard 600 miles away and the shock wave was measured to have encircled the earth three times. Only one bomb of this type was ever built. It was 7 feet in diameter, 26 feet long, and weighed 27 tons. One bomb like this could totally destroy a city the size of New York. This one bomb had 20 times the explosive power of all the munitions used by all countries in World War II. Armageddon, predicted by the bible, came a major step closer when mankind learned how to destroy on such a massive scale. There are 30,000 nuclear warheads currently in existence, all but 200 in the hands of Russia and the United States. What's the point of making you aware of this? Read 2 Corinthians chapter 4, verses 7 through 18 to find out.
Update Jan 2, 2012: This is footage of the actual detonation as supplied by the USSR for propaganda purposes, with a sound track from a different nuclear detonation replacing the original delayed-sound, and synchronized so that the sound is heard at the same time as the blast is seen. This isn't a "simulation"--both blast and sound are real, but I edited it in this way simply to make it more interesting. Based by the number of views and some of the pointed comments posted, it seems some peeps are quick to take exception to my editing judgments. I wonder why? There are plenty of ordinary videos of nukes with delayed blast sound. If you don't care for my exercise of editorial license, why not just watch those others? Or hey! Here's an original idea: why not create your own desired versions of this well-documented event? Windows Movie Maker and iMovie are easy to learn and you might enjoy the learning process, as I did! :) Jim
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Don't put in stock sounds. As intelligent human beings we know that the initial sound erupting from a distant detonation travels with the shockwave, so it would taken a second for the camera mics to pick up the boom. No stock noise.
15Nemisisprime 56 minutes ago
No side lets you live in peace, It's not just the jews man; It's everyone, Don't be manipulated.
swiftyJ88 in reply to tiago rabbit (Show the comment) 3 hours ago
That sound was implemented into the video. If the camera was actually that far away from the bomb, the sound lag would have been tremendous!
Bryan Neill 21 hours ago
bullshit. everyone knows that Israel lives robbery money and technology from European and American nations. Rothschild steal money from the Gentiles, and invests in Israel. all this through usurious interest. israel without the white gentiles are nothing.
tiago rabbit in reply to Livluvlax Goodwin (Show the comment) 1 day ago
okay. so why the Jews did not leave the gentiles govern themselves? whyabecause the leading businessmen and politicians from America and Europe have to be Jewish?why the israelis can be racist and self-government while the Gentiles have to be governed by jews and be multiethnic? "live and let live." bullshit man. Jews do not let us live in peace.
tiago rabbit in reply to ltcurry (Show the comment) 1 day ago
Israel, with the exception of the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar, is the richest and most powerful country in the Middle East. And Islam being a widespread religion is not necessarily a good thing.
Livluvlax Goodwin in reply to tiago rabbit (Show the comment) 1 day ago
Live and let live. Isreal has the right, since before Christ, to exist. Jew or not. Muslims hellbent on destrying the people will ultimately destroy there homeland. There religion is so powerful, etc, Allh, Mohahmed, they do as he did, rape, pillage and murder. Nuke there asses. All Muslim countries.
ltcurry in reply to tiago rabbit (Show the comment) 1 day ago
Nice cgi
ltcurry 1 day ago
israel steals all the technology of white gentiles. atomic weapons came from France, England and USA. the helicopters and planes are American. Merkava tank is a copy of british tanks. And Islam is still the overwhelming majority of the east average. Israel still a piece of shit in the east. Hezbollah kicked the ass of Israel in Lebanon. their tanks were decimated by rpgs easily.


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