Monday, July 16, 2012

Monster Beetle

Monster Beetle So whos the idiot who put all that money into that thing and put an Open Diff instead of locking in it...

likepaperinafire 1 week ago 16

he wasted 8 dollars worth of gas just for 4 mins of play time....... not me!

graffitigio 2 days ago

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Tahir Tahirkl
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He's a fucking white idiot pig! Now, you know.

youme1414 in reply to likepaperinafire (Show the comment) 6 hours ago

Lady bug transform to monster

RRProdxxx 13 hours ago

cool but i do that shit in my warm ups!!

kittykat69ify 13 hours ago

Need some fishing poles

2837mike 14 hours ago

it floats Ithink

trutadany 16 hours ago

but will it blend?

FastSuzuki250 17 hours ago

Punch Buggy no punch backs, except with guns...

EverydayStickerGuy 1 day ago

this does not deserve 4 million views...

BenJones113 1 day ago

nope. they are rednecks

BenJones113 in reply to iTechHelper1 (Show the comment) 1 day ago

Looks more like water beetle.


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