Friday, July 13, 2012

Womens parking

Womens parking
Именно такие ситуации и порождают стереотипные анекдоты. Однако в конце сюжета вышел мужик и буквально за полминуты разрулил =) ситуацию.
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227 women thought this was great parking
OblongTeaFilms 7 months ago 32
i belive the saudi's have it right by not letting their women drive......LOL :D
zombie88888 8 months ago 14
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dangerous woman parking at university!
by MrTiccis
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Sure the negative qualifiers are women who lead the same or worse than the video
docjoelnavill 1 day ago
They both have lovely arses.
bbcisrubbish 1 week ago
Couldn't just drive on the grass?
factsonlyplease1 1 week ago 2
ci avrà messo 2 ore per uscire dal parcheggio XD
maurizio8459 2 weeks ago
Go over the curb and correct your self
rutherford2468 2 weeks ago
how did she manage to put the car in that posision? XD
sabu85 3 weeks ago 2
the last thing i would do tho is STAND BEHIND THE CAR...??? That girl had no control over that car. That was a fail in itself!
monsdot 4 weeks ago
they finally formed a plan and split up :) I love my


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