Saturday, July 14, 2012



The trick, ladies and gentlemen, is to then wet the rest of your pants so its all one shade
fartx211 1 week ago 46
Well going by that comment you just posted...You really haven't done yourself/Country any justice.
You just sound like an un-educated waste of space with you're silly language.
Judooning95 in reply to joseledezma79 (Show the comment) 2 weeks ago 22
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actually yes he/she does. One silly grammar mistake is not the same as a whole disrespectful and unpolite comment.
HirosamaNadasaki in reply to Filip Husko (Show the comment) 7 hours ago
seems like you have experince of peing in your pants :P lol jk
saxaza97 in reply to fartx211 (Show the comment) 11 hours ago
hey Guys like my Videosthis is Funny
Anyong Haseo 15 hours ago
AND a waste of oxygen
Stralle97 in reply to Judooning95 (Show the comment) 16 hours ago in playlist Uploaded videos
And you sound any better with "you're" instead of "your"?
Filip Husko in reply to Judooning95 (Show the comment) 1 day ago
chill dude im mexican and i dont go around like that cant we all just get allong together
iPrO xXOWNAGEXx in reply to joseledezma79 (Show the comment) 1 day ago
can't stop loling
MeltingCORE2 1 day ago

diogo monteiro 1 day ago
I do apologise for this, but... your* ...


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