Monday, July 16, 2012

Really Really Really Big Ship

Really Really Really Big Ship Yes there is adaption system for C130 to be converted to water bomber... Hm...well Yugoslavia was abit different in terms of organisation... but i still think that military should keep firefighting aircrafts in its inventory... Here military is building roads, cleaning river shores, buiding bridges, buildings for military apartments etc.. true, much more 20 years back but..still.. military was more social related :)

ITmage in reply to murdelabop (Show the comment) 6 hours ago

The National Guard and Military don't have any _dedicated_ water bombers in their fleets, but they do have systems to adapt cargo types to the job. The dedicated water bombers are all operated by private contractors. The National Guard has equipment such as the Bambi Bucket for use with their helicopter fleet, and I know there's a slide-in system for the C-130 Hercules. The military does have some of this equipment, but they're only allowed to fight fires on military land, IIRC.

murdelabop in reply to ITmage (Show the comment) 8 hours ago

If they resolved the speed break issue and poorly copied and placed probes/scoops.

Aircraft would be much more attractive for firefighting ( not withstanding western certification). There are other issues but those two would increase the viability tenfold .

Unfortunately 10 years have past and they still dont get it.

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Yugoslavia had 4 Cl-215 . When they tuck them from Zadar they blew up the hangar with spear parts , there was nothing left.

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Yes 4 of CL215 were sold to Greece back in 90s, but far as i know one CL215 passed to Croatia, Yugoslavia had 5 in total.

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They where not passed to Croatia . They where sold to Greece by Serbia ?????

Croatia bought (from Bombardier) and operates 6 CL-415's.

When it comes to Be-200 you are ill informed.

RGalac in reply to ITmage (Show the comment) 15 hours ago


HughieMunro in reply to SpartanW98 (Show the comment) 15 hours ago

So, you are saying that National Guard and Military doesnt have any water bombers in its fleet? Thats abit weird to relay on private venture... In Yugoslavia military was the one responsible for firefighting and keeping those aircrafts in shape... MartinMars is rly old platform should be replaced soon as i read somewhere. I guess Be200 would be awesome replacement. Well thats at least my opinion...

ITmage in reply to murdelabop (Show the comment) 17 hours ago

I wonder how fast it has to go to get up on plane?

get it? ra ha ha ha ha ha hah ah ah

emitchsr 19 hours ago

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