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The Secret Of Kaaba

The Secret Of Kaaba
The Holy City of Makkah, Which Lies Inland 73 Kilometers East Of Jiddah, Is The Place Where The Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, Was Born - The Place Where ALLAH God Message Was First Revealed To Him And The City To Which He Returned After The Migration To Madinah In 622 AD.

Makkah Is The Holiest City On Earth To Muslims. Five Times Each Day, The World's One Billion Muslims, Wherever They May Be, Turn To The Holy City of Makkah To Pray. And At Least Once In Their Lives, All Muslims Who Are Not Prevented By Personal Circumstance Perform The Hajj, The Pilgrimage To Makkah. Thus Each Year The Holy City of Makkah Is Host To Some Two Million Hajjis (Pilgrims) From All Over The World.

The Holy Mosque In Makkah Houses The Ka'aba, In The Corner Of Which Is Set The Black Stone Which Marks The Starting Point For The Seven Circumambulations Of The Holy Mosque Which Every Hajji Must Complete.
The Holy City Is Served By The Seaport And International Airport Of Jiddah.
Dilawar Mastan Shaikh
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The Secret Of Kaaba
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Salaam to you. Please do your extreme best not to use profanity when dealing with the non Muslims. Imagine what our Prophet and the Sahabahs had to go through and how much they had suffered during their time. They had so much hikmah. May Allah grant you and all of us sabr and reward in this world and the next. Ameen Ya Rabbal 'Alameen. From sister in Auckland, New Zealand.
loktron1 in reply to TheWaheed8891 (Show the comment) 26 minutes ago
Shut the fuck up.............u love jesus ...its OK it doesnt mean that u say some bulshit about THE GREAT HUMAN TEACHER ...PROPHET MUHAMMAD(PBUH) ......
He was great, is and inshalla will..............Go and teach some books about islam......Stop watching American bulshit......................M­uhammad (saw) will live long until every single bird of universe is alive.........but u illetrate ignorants wouldnt understand that ever............And to be honest this is your punishment
TheWaheed8891 in reply to CatPerez2012 (Show the comment) 1 hour ago
You make stupid claims, yet you haven't read the Quran in a translated text. I'm beginning to think you're just a troll and a hater. You suffer from Islamophobia. If you don't believe in a religion then go do something else, rather than bash certain religions over the internet, i'm sure you have better things to do in your "busy" life.
AlphaKennyBody2 in reply to Petroleumalley (Show the comment) 6 hours ago
Nice video.Thanks
Zain Khan 7 hours ago
Here is what the message to ALL those"Bibles" that muslims point to and say they are different...LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU....
What is it about muslims that they don't understand with their hearts?
I can only say it's because they follow muhammed...a killer, false prophet, pedophile, man of many wives, and he is dead, buried in a hole where he belongs...
Then muslims want to silence anything and everything brought to the light...they love darkness when it comes to muhammed
CatPerez2012 13 hours ago
They all are correct. All were man-made by different people with different views. Translated in thousands of languages, understood by all, as they have the same message.
Interpretation may be different for any reader, but the message is the same.
The different sources make it much better then the Quran as Muslims claim it came from one source (Muhammed in cave) without any witnesses.
Petroleumalley in reply to AlphaKennyBody2 (Show the comment) 19 hours ago
Wrong, you will never understand Jesus Christ by reading the man written Gospels. Tell me, what bible is the right one? I'm going to show you 5 bibles that you Christians / Catholics call books from god and you tell me which one is the right one.
AlphaKennyBody2 in reply to CatPerez2012 (Show the comment) 1 day ago
Because they say so...muslims think it so.
How absurd.
In order for muslims to step into the modern era where killing other muslims is not normal, they must put muhammed in his place. For he was a killer,pedophile, self proclaimed prophet, and though Worldly successful,he is not from God
muhammed has no redeeming qualities worth holding onto.
...muslims must move on from his teachings and his actions, and doctrine.
Otherwise there the killing will never end,may all muslims look at JESUS CHRIST
CatPerez2012 1 day ago
muhammed was "nonviolent"...? You are incredibly ignorant. Are you saying muhammed never killed anyone? Killing is killing when it comes to GOD.
I cannot believe you are saying muhammed never killed anyone.
There is a huge air bubble in your line.
JESUS CHRIST never bore killers...muhammed did spawn killers.
What is it that you don't understand?
Get your head out of the sand..."everything he said and done was against violence"???? have a wicked sense of humor.
CatPerez2012 in reply to MsTheflagger (Show the comment) 1 day ago
There is ONLY ONE way to understand JESUS CHRIST, and it's by reading what the witnesses stated...and it is found in the Gospels.
You will also learn that JESUS CHRIST never told anyone to be a "christian"...


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