Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Ultimate Cinnamon Roll Recipe


The Ultimate Cinnamon Roll Recipe
Click on the link below for the full recipe! Thanks for watching!
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thank you for sharing, yummy, I will definitly try your recipies.
farmec77 1 month ago
You're welcome! I hope you do try them! Your tummy will thank you later! :)
EatNowCryLater in reply to farmec77 1 week ago
How do you do a double rise, like you know rise in the bowl then rise after you've rolled and cut them out.
miggy irving 1 month ago
If you watch my how to make homemade bread tutorial I show you how to do a double rise there! Thanks for watching and hope you had a good day!
EatNowCryLater in reply to miggy irving 1 week ago
how much yeast do you add?
NewYorker42099 1 month ago
2 tsp. If you click on the link under the video it'll take you directly to the recipe which will take you to my website! Thanks for watching!
EatNowCryLater in reply to NewYorker42099 1 week ago
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Not gunna lie....After i saw the Finished Cinnamon rolls...I came lol
kocfkocf 1 month ago 9
Umm....I don't exactly know how I feel about that comment. Lol!
EatNowCryLater in reply to kocfkocf (Show the comment) 1 month ago 5
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Looks good!! The icing is the best part!!
daisy ann 1 day ago
Dont wait for your MOM to do it, you do her!!!
daisy ann in reply to laabellebeauty (Show the comment) 1 day ago
*they look yummy though! :)
laabellebeauty 5 days ago
why am i watching this? my mom doesn't bake anything that's not out of a box or can :/ lol
laabellebeauty 5 days ago
Looks awesome , You didn't give the recipe
peaches619able 6 days ago
This is the most AWESOME thing i have seen so far!
bigsexy1980 1 week ago
if i want to make more do i double the ingridents
GuwnerWilliams 1 week ago
I can't eat now so I'll cry now because I can't make the icing
MegaKcck 1 week ago
You didn't say how much for the icing
MegaKcck 1 week ago
thank you !! I have also try it and it was delicious !! Miummy ..I love to bake and in 3 month i start my Mobile food Cart where i am going to sell my French Cuisine.I will watch more of your videos..Thank you Eatnowcrylater :-))
omaley162 in reply to EatNowCryLater (Show the comment) 1 week ago


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